Before settling down here in Central Utah (to get myself out of trouble), I spent most of my childhood moving around from state to state with my family. I was Born in Niagara Falls, New York, I wasn’t quite ready to settle down when we decided to put down roots here in Utah. But my defiant past has made me the versatile person I am today.

I have always had an interest in art, learning how to draw while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Cartoon artwork came naturally and is still my favorite type of artwork. While living in Colorado I even submitted some artwork to the Denver Newspaper Agency, nothing was ever published, but it was fun to try. 

I tattooed myself for the first time when I was 11, I’ll admit, it didn’t turn out as I had planned, but I was the coolest 11 year old around. I decided 9 years ago to become a professional tattoo artist and was determined to open my own shop someday. So I worked my way up from the bottom,i was self-taught until I received an apprenticeship from a shop called FX Underground. 

Working closely with team members of different experience levels; I learned how to maintain a hygienic work environment and some cool tattoo tricks. I am very thankful for the opportunity I also received from Convicted Ink Tattoo; I learned that consistent customer satisfaction will built a strong client base. The time has come for me to take my next step, that’s when I started building “ My Pride”. Some of the best and diverse artists in Utah have gathered here with me at My Pride, we want to help you create your customized tattoo, the one you have envisioned. We provide a complete, safe, and cross-contamination free environment. I can confidently say that we will become your preferred tattoo shop, the place you will chose for any artwork you desire. Without further ado I welcome you to My Pride…. Stop by and check out our new shop and set up.